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Leaks: Playstation 5 will be released in 2020 and GTA6 is one of the launch titles ..

Leaks: Playstation 5 will be released in 2020 and GTA6 is one of the launch titles ..

Before I start I want you to know that this information came from an anonymous source who declined to be named but confirmed that he is working with one of the big game development studios and is involved in the development of the first class AAA game for the PlayStation 5.

This source has published a lot of details about the Playstation 5, Playstation VR2 and launch games either exclusive or from third party companies and also something called the Playstation Plus Premium and I will put here all the details that came in the report.

At first this source said that the information that will be mentioned and which we will put below is 99% accurate and did not say 100% because there may be some changes in the Playstation 5 between the current period and the launch date.

At first, it spoke of the specifications of the Playstation 5, which will be based on a Ryn8 7nm processor with 16 core, the graphics processor (GPU card) will be a 7nm Navi with a 14 teraflop. Sony is cooperating with AMD to work on RTX technology, but the priority will be to support 4K clarity and better experience with virtual reality technology.

Playstation 5 will also have RAM of 24 GB for games +4 GB and said that the copy of developers that they currently support up to 32 GB Ram.

A hard disk of 2 Terra but not indicated whether it's SSD type, also confirmed that the upgrade will be supported to 8K in some games.

According to the source, the PlayStation 5 will also support the digital games, indicating that it will contain a Blu-ray disc reader and there will be support for Plus next to the new Plus Premium service which will be revealed with the launch of the device and will allow participants to access special copies of the games ,betas, demons and also have private servers !! Along with more services to be announced later.

Also among the things mentioned by the source is the support of the device to run the previous games BC without specifying the extent of support will be and will reach the operation of Playstation 3 and Playstation 2 and 1 as previously known or will be limited only to Playstation 4 games.

Virtual reality glasses will also be supported in the device where PSVR2 will support wireless technology and clarity up to 1440p with optical tracking technology and batteries lasting up to 5 hours and will cost $ 250 as for the DS5 controller, it will have a camera to support VR technology. A new technology will be used to adjust the sensitivity of the R1 / 2 and L1 / 2 buttons, which will improve the experience with the first perspective games, and there may be something similar to the Trackpad that existed in the Steam controller.

Finally the price of the device will be $ 500 while the cost of its construction will be $ 600, where Sony will lose $ 100 per device at launch.

Exclusive Launch Games:
Gran Turismo 7
Pubg remaster 4k f2p with ps+ only on ps5
Last of us 2 remaster
Ghost of Tsushima remaster
Horizon Zero Dawn 2
3-2 class games not disclosed yet
Number of games assigned to PSVR2

Non-exclusive launch games:
Battlefield Bad Company 3
Harry Potter
Assassins Creed

Finally, the source mentioned the date of disclosure of the first details about the device, which will be revealed after E3 2019 and that the device will be launched either in March or November 2020.

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