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Spartans never die


"The story in 4 was amazing, yeah the gameplay was not the best and 5, as bad as it was had better multiplayer then this, but there was something about the story, Chief and Cortana, there was just something special in this game."

"Halo 3 was the perfect place to end things. Halo 4 and 5 failed narrative wise because the existence of the main characters had no purpose and is dragged out and doesn't feel necessary. Even the end of Halo 5 just seems like one big set up for the next game."

"Halo 4 was more of the ground works for introduction of new tech post H/C war (infinity/eternity, oni high command prowler); in addition to the early rampency starting to hit hard. while 5 was more of the forth coming of the created taking up the mantle, and "someone's" idea that the universe needs to be policed again. The ending to 5 with them on the run from the created was perfect, espessicaly if you played attention to halo wars ending it all tied it together. The ending of halo war 2 is right when they are running away in halo 5."

"343 can never recreate this. That bittersweet feeling of victory after beating the campaign. The first time I genuinely cried over a videogame. The hours I spent on multiplayer, making friends and having a blast.

Halo will always have a special place in my heart as one of the greatest videogame franchises of all time."

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