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Nintendo Switch was released exactly 2 years ago.

Nintendo Switch was released exactly 2 years ago

"Ikr I thought the 3ds only recently came out, turns out it's 8years old."

"probably not the place to ask this but.... why does this feel this way? it goes like remembering something soooooooo well when it came out, all the ads and everything then the flashy headline "2 years ago" and its just a weighted brick of fug but... 2 years isn't really that long ago, but it feels like it is. might sound funny but, is it because I've done nothing with the promises i've made to myself for my life? or what? genuinely curious where this feeling of sorts stems from because I see these replies A LOT in these kind of threads, so I know I'm not alone in feeling this way"

"Meanwhile the Xbox One ($499) has steadily decreased by $60 each and every year since launch in 2014.... Buy a new Xbox One S for $199 today!"

"Feels like it just came out."

"Is it worth getting a switch now? I’m kind of afraid that it’ll get replaced or something, since it’s been 2 years. I got a wii u long ago and was disappointed that nintendo kind of like ditched it and I’m afraid that’d happen again if I but a switch now."

"Wait what? I feel like I'm getting old."

Some opinions of players..

Do you agree with that??

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