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Devil May Cry 5 PC performance thread

Devil May Cry 5 PC performance thread

System requirements:

Latest drivers: (as at 07/03/2019)
Nvidia: 419.35
AMD: 19.3.1
Intel: Depends on your processor; download the driver update utility

GameGPU (Russian; review build)

Tips and tricks:
Cap the frame rate/potentially improve frame times (1): Download RivaTuner Statistics Server, input your desired framerate limit in the "Framerate limit" box, and hit enter (the program comes bundled with MSI Afterburner and earlier versions of EVGA PrecisionX). Alternatively, those with an Nvidia GPU have the option of Nvidia Inspector, which can also be used to impose a framerate cap, either in a similar manner to RTSS or by way of forcing a different vsync interval (click the small tool icon to open the game profile section).
Note: Useful if you your system can't maintain, say, 60fps and you're sensitive to the wild fluctuations, or you're experiencing uneven frametimes. The greater window the engine has to render a given frame, if you're imposing a lower framerate than the game can otherwise provide, may also help in alleviating stuttering related to data streaming.
Potentially improve frame times (2): Use exclusive fullscreen rather than borderless fullscreen.
Stop the game from crashing after 15 minutes on touch-capable systems running Windows 10: Open the task manager, switch to the Services tab and disable TabletInputService.
Fix missing executable error: Capcom forgot to add the executable to the packages used for retail keys. In the meantime, you can download it here.
Potentially improve GPU performance: Switch to the DX11 renderer by opening SteamApps\common\Devil May Cry 5\dmc5config.ini and changing the value of TargetPlatform to DirectX11. (Credit to Queen of Hunting.)

Graphics settings:

Screen resolution: Self-explanatory
Refresh rate: Self-explanatory
Display mode: Fullscreen; Window; Borderless Window
Frame rate: Variable/60fps
Vsync: Off/On
Rendering method: Normal/Interlaced
Resolution scaling: 50% -> 200% in increments of 10%
Texture quality: Minimum; Low; Medium; High; Ultra
Texture filtering quality: Minimum; Low; Medium; High; Ultra
Mesh quality: Low; Medium; High; Ultra
Anti-aliasing: TAA/FXAA + TAA
Motion blur: Off/Variable
Effects quality: Low; Medium; High
Shadow quality: Minimum; Low; Medium; High; Ultra
Shadow cache: Off/On

Ambient occlusion type: Off; SSAO; HBAO+; HDAO
Bloom: Off/On
Lens flare: Off/On
Volumetric light quality: None; Low; High
Screen-space reflections: Off/Variable
Subsurface scattering: Off/Variable
Chromatic abberation: Off/On
Color range: sRGB/BT.709

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