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After 72 hours, Apex Legends beat Fortnite..

After 72 hours, Apex Legends beat Fortnite..

It seems that 2019 will be the year of the Battle Royale games or perhaps the year of Free Games to Play. The game Apex Legends compiled the two qualities are Battle Royale game taste different and of course free for all and on most platforms and this will be a year of great success. It has begun to pay off from the first 24 hours of the launch the game, which has won more than 2.4 million players but now and after 72 hours this figure has doubled dramatically.

The developers of Respawn today have gathered new statistics about the game in the first three days since the launch, where the game has achieved more than 10 million players were able to download and experience in this period of one million players per minute.

This figure, if we wanted to compare it with other online games, was won by the Queen of battle royale games Fortnite within two weeks of launch while Overwatch achieved three weeks after its release, although it is not free.

In any case, the numbers and the strong start herald the great success of the game will be achieved in her new career and the developers congratulated us on this success and said they still have many surprises for the game to be unveiled this year.

Apex Legends is currently available on Playstation 4, Xbox and PC for free ..

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