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4 Tips To Win Apex Legends, Are You Ready To Be A "Hero"...

4 Tips To Win Apex Legends, Are You Ready To Be A "Hero"...

There is no doubt that many of us after this great momentum and continuous talk about the new Battle Royale game Apex Legends thought to enter the game and go into the experience and some of us may be this is his first experience in the battle royale games so we are here to help you get the best experience in the game and win.

Here in this report, we will put in your hands the best 5 tips you have to follow in order to control the battlefield. There are many professional players you may face in your way and if you have wisdom, power is not always the way of salvation and victory.

1- Always play with your friends

Apex Legends does not support individual play and there will always be two players playing in the same team so always invite your friends to play with you because communication with the voice will be one of the keys to successful play and win, because it will always contribute to the distribution of roles between you and also warning of treachery in case The team entered the place without being noticed by the rest of the team.

2- Use the Quick Selection System "Ping"

Playing in a team requires continuous cooperation from the first moment of landing on the battlefield and during the collection of weapons, armor and other tools. In the game there is a system of rapid selection or Ping, which you can identify the locations of objects and weapons and also enemies of the rest of the members of the team on the screen and mini-map with a click and this will contribute to make the strategy of playing more accurate and successful where you can help your friends to access the sites of useful tools or identify the location of the enemy .. Etc so use the Ping button mainly in the way you play ..

3- When you escape jump and do not care

In the other Battle Royale games jumping may have an impact on life health of the character may be severely lacking or may be eliminated, but in Apex Legends it does not exist you can jump over the heights and edges without being affected by your character so if you find yourself trapped in a high place don't think too much and jump immediately and save yourself.

4- Don't think of hiding in the grassy areas

This strategy is available in some other Battle Royale games where you can hide inside the dense weeds and watch your opponents kill each other, but in Apex Legends this idea won't work, because your opponents have abilities to reveal your presence very easily, there are weapons equipped with a thermal detector can show you as if you stand in the open also a character like Bloodhound can monitor your place and kill you without even knowing that you are exposed to it, so the best place to hide is buildings and facilities.

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